Q Can we have a BBQ or fireworks in the park?
 A In principle, you cannot use fire such as BBQ or fireworks.

Q Can I take pictures inside the park?
 A Filming is allowed for personal use only. At that time, please be considerate of other visitors so that individuals are not identified.
Permission is required from the Yokosuka Civil Engineering Office in Kanagawa Prefecture when filming for commercial purposes or for the purpose of uploading videos to websites.

Q Is it possible to park the car overnight in the parking lot?
 A you can’t. The parking lot can be used during business hours.

Q Can I let my dog play in the open space in the park?
 A you can’t. Please be sure to attach a leash so as not to disturb other visitors.

Q Are there days when the park is closed?
 A There is none. The park management office will be closed during the year-end and New Year holidays (December 29th to January 3rd).

Q Is there an entrance fee?
 A Admission is free. There is a charge for parking.

Q From what time to what time is the park open?
 A There is no time limit for entering the park, but the lights in the park will be turned off at night, so please use it in a bright time.

Q I would like to hold an event in the park. What kind of procedures do I need to do?
 A Please contact Kanagawa Prefecture Yokosuka Civil Engineering Office.  TEL 046-853-8800

Q Can I ride a bicycle in the park?
 A Please do not enter vehicles (motorcycles, bicycles, etc.).

(COVID19 alert)
To park users
In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, please keep a sufficient distance, avoid crowds and close contact, wash your hands, and wear a mask. Also, if you have symptoms of fever or cough, please refrain from using it.